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Native ads

Brands turn to We Heart It to engage our community with native ads that integrate seamlessly with our content. To maximize engagement with Hearters, spend some time browsing We Heart It to experience the look and feel of the images our members upload and heart. Matching this aesthetic on your canvas will result in more meaningful engagement with our community, and lead to deeper brand affinity with your audience on We Heart It.

We Heart It native ads have the same hearting and following functionality as organic content and drive substantial earned media. When a member hearts an ad, that content is then seen organically by members that follow the Hearter, and her follower’s followers, etc … all at no additional cost to our brand partners!

Hearts with Actions provide additional opportunities to inspire your fans to take action on the content they find on your brand’s canvas via direct links to the destination of your choice.

Campaign success is measured via earned impressions and engagements, in addition to your brand’s heart rate — your engagement pulse-check.

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