What is We Heart It?

We Heart It is a fast growing social media platform used by millions of young women around the world. With our mobile apps and website, we provide a platform for young people to express themselves visually, discover images and videos they love, and connect with each other and brands in a positive, supportive community.

Start hearting

Establish a deeper emotional connection with your audience through We Heart It. Our community connects to and discovers their world by hearting images they love. Discover, collect, and share inspiring images that express your brand’s personality and connect with influential millennial taste makers through your We Heart It canvas.

Hearting what you love

With the Heart Button, people heart images, .gifs, and videos from both the web and personal photo streams. Others re-heart the content, adding it to their own canvases – our version of a personal profile. All content links back to the original hearter and source.

Gathering what you love

By organizing their hearted content into larger thematic collections, our community expresses themselves by curating images on topics they care about. Collections are searchable, making it easy to find images for your favorite categories.

Discovering what you love

Through search and the all images feed, people encounter new content for their canvases. They also follow specific collections, brands, and people, providing a rich source of content tailored to their interests.

Set up your brand canvas

Verified status

Start with a trusted, verified account by logging in through Twitter. A check mark appears on verified accounts.

The basics
  • Choose a username consistent with your username on other social media profiles
  • Select an image, such as your logo, for your profile picture (432 x 432 pixels)
  • Pair that with a beautiful cover image (1000 x 452 pixels)
  • Check out how it looks both on the web and mobile (our community is 90% mobile)
  • Add a fun, concise bio (under 90 characters) to set the tone for your canvas and link back to your website.
Mobile first

Our mobile app offers creative ways to share your primary canvas page with your followers. On mobile devices, your avatar sits in the middle of your hearted images. You can select the background to include images from a specific collection, a collage of images from your latest hearted images, or a singular image from a collection with only one image.

Follow and be followed

Follow people and collections that resonate with your brand. Following your superfans sparks a sense of recognition and can develop deeper brand affinity with them. Following people also lets them know about your presence on We Heart It and can spur reciprocal following.

Check your notifications weekly to stay on top of your new followers and people who heart your images. Consider following the ones most active with your collections.

Prep your canvas privately

After creating your profile, if you’d like to ensure your brand does not appear in search until you’re ready to launch your canvas, please contact us and we can hide your canvas from our community while you build it out.

Starting a collection

Begin building your profile by uploading a handful of aesthetically beautiful images grouped by a fun topic or theme in a collection. Compelling collections contain at least eight images. Title collections creatively to showcase your brand’s voice while telling a story. A great title can help people discover your content through search while getting a flavor for your brand’s personality.

Show off your brand’s multifaceted personality with diverse collections covering an array of topics and themes. Include sneak peeks to unreleased content, timely images (such as holiday, milestone, or newsworthy themes), and editorial imagery. Our most successful brands connect with their audience on several levels.

Add a collection description to explain the collection’s content and provide context for it.

The last three images you heart in a collection serve as the collection cover. Every image you add to a collection will also appear on your canvas. The most recent collections and images surface to the top of the feed.

Hearting 101


Descriptive words that explain the image are great, but also consider emotional or evocative words, or brief phrases. Tag your brand name on any image that you post. Keep in mind search is based on tags.

New uploads vs re-hearts

New uploads garner more engagement than re-hearts, because you’re the original uploader and you get more prominent attribution for the image.

Posting strategy

Focus on quality. Since We Heart It is representative of your brand, be sure that the quality of your posts is high. Types of images – Quotes, Photography, Lyrics, Art, Style, Food, Nature, etc…  and don’t forget to tag properly.

Posting frequency

Daily posting to your We Heart It profile increases your engagement. You can add images pertaining to any of your brand attributes, quotes, seasonal imagery and holiday content. Keep it fresh and current, and have fun with it.

Optimize descriptions

Use the image caption as an opportunity to showcase your voice, since it’s one of the few text fields on the platform.