Best practices guide

For an in depth look at best practices, check out our guide below.

Ad Specs

Ads come in all shapes and sizes, but we have specific recommendations below.


Heart button

Add the heart button to your social sharing functionality on website or mobile app and help people share your content out to the We Heart It community.

Put heart buttons next to images and content you want people to continue to engage with in a meaningful way. The more places you encourage people to heart your content, the more our community can continue to share and engage with their followers.

Follow button

Add the We Heart It follow button to your website or mobile app to encourage your people to check out your We Heart It canvas.


You can embed your hearts, a collection or an image We Heart It on your website or blog. Change the options below to tweak the widget the way you’d like and copy the code to use on your site.


Social media

Through social platforms, our reach extends to more than 34 million people.

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